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Neo-Traditional Swamp Demon project

This is a fun one! There are many parallels between Neo-Traditional and Illustrative tattooing. I like to see where each style takes me as I delve deeper into it. This tends to leave me with a slew of new tools and skills to create more dynamic compositions.

This picture was taken after the 3rd session. You can see on the fresh (left) side, I started taking more liberties with textures and colors that I was confident would age well with the piece. During the next session, I will finish the tattoo and go back into the healed areas that have settled and add the textures that I added this time.

This piece is on a friend and fellow tattooer so that allows me to push my limits a little farther as there is an extra level of trust that you are generally alotted by your peers. I'm really excited to finish this piece. I feel I've been able to put my blend of style to the subject matter to create a visually stunning piece that will look good forever.

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