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Up for grabs

Below is a list of concepts that I am passionate about tackling as a tattoo artist. I feel that I can bring a unique vision to the subject matter while at the same time, using the medium of tattoo to create flow and movement to make a visually stunning tattoo that will be impactful and expressive for a long time. 

  • BIOMECHANICAL sleeves and panels. My influences in tattooing come from sci-fi and tattooing so it is only natural that I merge them. Even though biomechanical is a very niche style, it is what sparked my interest in tattooing so I will always have a passion for creating it. 

  • FUNGUS! I am fascinated with fungi and I feel like I've found a unique and dynamic way to weave the world of mycopia into my tattoos to create a fun, diverse, and visually stunning world 

  • Alien/Sci-fi illustrative scenes. I am fascinated with the idea of life beyond our world. I would love to do an ancient alien sleeve that depicts some of the theories about the origin of humanity and the possible intervention of extra terrestrial life. An alien invasion or abduction/autopsy sleeve would present so many awesome possibilities for some really stunning imagery and some elaborate use of color. 

  • Alien movie franchise subject matter. This is one intellectual property that isn't mine that I am enamored with and would love to explore my version of the characters, creatures, and imagery on a large scale. This world could give way to some incredible sleeves or even a torso panel!

  • Ancient Egyptian deities, rituals and mythological creatures. 

    • Mummification ritual. Mummy. Canopic Jars, Techniques for removing organs to place in jars.​

    • The Journey of the Sun 

    • Ptah, creator god and patron of craftsmen and architects, guiding the builders on creating the pyramids. 

    • Afterlife. Osiris and Anubis

  • Norse Mythology 

    • Sons of Ivaldi, the dwarven blacksmiths that created gifts for the Gods. ​​​​​

    • Valkyrie in battle.

    • Tyr sacrificing his hand to Fenrir.

    • Ragnarok

    • The Cost of Wisdom: Odin's sacrifice for wisdom and spiritual growth

  • Evolution - I would love to illustrate the evolution of man while also integrating Darwin's theories and findings.​​

    • Another version of this sleeve could focus more on Charles Darwin.​

  • Fantastical creatures of the forest/jungle/desert (any or many ecosystem(s)) that resemble real creatures but have magical features, and usually some sort of horns or tusk protrusions that resemble filigree. I would love to place these creatures in whimsical environments consisting of bioluminescent fungi, foliage, or even liquid. 

  • Nature vs Technology. I would love to use the contrasting imagery of cold and lifeless machinery with the warmth and beauty of nature. Think bionic trees with cyborg birds, or a beautiful woman or man with a bionic eye. I would love to explore both the imagery of how beautiful it is to have technology pushing us forward as a species while also exposing how we've let our society become so dependent on technology that we've lost sight of things that should be so much more important to us. 

  • Animals fighting or playing. I would love to have 2 animals or even fantasy creatures fighting or rolling around playing that fill out the entire composition of the sleeve. I think this would look exceptionally unique if we crossed into other body parts with the chaos. Like from arm to chest or back, or torso to ribs/hip/thigh.

  • Baba-Yaga

  • Smierc, Death, the Polish Grim Reaper. Like a traditional reaper but depicted as a female with a white robe. 

  • Mayan Ritual\Human Sacrifice to the gods. I would like to include some of the extraordinary Mayan architecture as well as some depiction of a Mayan god(s).

  • Lovecraftian monsters other than Cthulu (but also, Cthulu). Mi-go, Shoggoth, and Azothoth to name a few. Lovecrafts creatures are incredibly deep and intriguing, so many opportunities for some really unique imagery. 

  • Life and Death sleeve(s). I would really like to take this classic imagery that has been tattooed countless times and put a new and unique spin to it. I have a ton of really cool ideas for both Life/Death in a single sleeve as well as a concept for each Life and Death as respective pieces. 

  • Portraits with an illustrative twist. I would love to do actual portraiture of people, pets or wild animal, but use illustrative elements to accent the portrait. This could be done using a portrait of Albert Einstein where the face is rendered more realistically but his hair or maybe his body or surroundings are illustrative with varied line weight and stylized color.

  • Skulls, bones, skeletons! This imagery will age like a fine wine with me. I will always love tattooing skulls of any species as well as their bones or skeletons articulated 

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