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The inquiry form below is designed to gather information about you and your tattoo so that I am prepared with as much information as possible when we discuss your tattoo at your consultation

At your consultation, we will go into detail about your project as well as discuss any questions or concerns you have about the process.

Translating my clients’ ideas into a visual medium takes time, effort and focus. Because of this, and to ensure I can finish these projects in a timely fashion, I limit the amount of clients I am working with as well as the type of projects I take. To learn more about my practice and my availability, please click below.




I have curated a WISH LIST of projects that I am looking to start as well subject matter that I am looking to explore more deeply. I keep this list current as a reference to potential clients that would like an idea of the subject matter that sparks my creative interest. These projects receive priority in my schedule.

tattoo inquiry form

I am currently only booking custom tattoos in my illustrative style. Please do not be offended if I do not choose your project as I only have a limited amount of time in my schedule and my larger projects consume most of my available time. Thank you for understanding.

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