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In order to book an appointment, you will need to fill out the tattoo inquiry form on this website in order to start an email chain with me directly. This leads to the consultation, where we sit down and iron out ideas and I give you all of the details of my process and answer and questions you may have. Once we have finalized a concept, we can move onto booking. Once you and I have figured out the important details of your project, we can discuss your booking options. EVERY appointment booked with me requires a DEPOSIT. My time is as important as yours and this provides a certain level of security. 

Up for Grabs and Flash pieces don't require a consultation 


Once the concept is established, you have booked, and left a deposit, I begin working on the design.

To create captivating illustrations that are visually appealing while telling a story requires a lot of research and sketching. My time between booking and your actual appointment is spent researching the subject matter to make sure that I can remain true to it while taking artistic liberties to accentuate particular imagery. Once I am armed with enough source material to create a striking composition, I begin sketching concepts. After a good amount of refining to the sketches I've decided to use for the project, I move onto refining the sketches, adding details and solidifying design elements that I have decided will work for the final composition. Once I have enough visual information to illustrate what I am trying to get across in the composition, I can show the client and we can use the drawing to apply both stencil and marker drawings to the area being tattooed so that we can achieve the perfect fit for the design. This process takes a good amount of time but is necessary to achieve the impact and quality that I strive for in my work. 




Before any tattoo appointment, some personal health and hygiene precautions should be taken if they aren't already integrated into your daily life. It is important to maintain a healthy diet with lots of water for at least a few days leading up to your tattoo. Between a good, whole food diet, with at least 8 glasses of water a day, you are helping create a good environment for a tattoo to be placed and healed. An all natural moisturizer being applied to the site where your new tattoo will be placed can also assist in creating a healthy skin surface to assist in the tattoo process. 




The day of your appointment you should have a hearty breakfast and plenty of water to drink. This not only assists in the tattoo process but also helps ensure that you are at your healthiest while undergoing the tattoo process. Once we begin the process, I will prep your skin for stencil and marker application and we will go over the design once more before assembling the design on your body. After everything is applied to your skin and I am 100% happy with placement, we begin the tattoo process. I generally like to work on a single project each day for the entire day. This could entail 6-7 hours of tattooing with breaks scattered throughout the session. Once we have completed a day of tattooing, I will wrap your tattoo and provide you with explicit instructions to care for your tattoo.



Please feel free to email me with any additional questions.  

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